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If you were here way back when Wordpress hosted my site, you might remember that I had a page that was just links to American Girl doll puzzles. Well, since I'm trying to get people to stay on my site longer (41% of you guys in the last 24 hours just looked at one post and then went on another website), I found out a way to actually embed the puzzles into pages on my blog! I'm so happy because I missed having puzzles on my blog, and I know you will just adore the puzzles. I put up a Saige puzzle and a Isabelle puzzle last night, and a McKenna one will come soon! If you want to check them out, then go to "Puzzles", then choose which puzzle you want to play. So, come for the leaks and stay for the games/puzzles! (Lea Run is still up in the Games page, and I'm working on a new game now!)

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What doll do you think should get a puzzle?

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