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My Reviews: Movies- Lea To The Rescue!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Here is my review of Lea To The Rescue, American Girl's 10th and newest movie! I'm a bit nervous that I'll do bad reviewing the movie, because some of you guys commented on my last post that you'd wait for my review and then choose whether to see the movie based on that, but here goes!

Unlike my last movie review (I reviewed Zootopia), I will keep my rating a secret until the end of the review.


No coming attractions this trip because I watched it with good old Apple TV! Hooray for Apple TV!


What I loved about the movie: First, I loved how the movie was full-screen on Apple TV, because the Grace movie last year was in a box with black on the sides! Speaking as an aspiring director, I loved all of the details- from the 2016 calendar to the police car with Portuguese words on it, the underwater shots, and the editing was awesome too- especially with the "photos from Lea's camera". Speaking as an American Girl enthusiast, I loved how there were only 5 cheesy songs (with only 2 montages, one at the beginning and another one 15 minutes into the movie), and ZERO CHEESY LAUGHS! You might be thinking, "Sydney, you are lying!" But there are NO CHEESY LAUGHS! It's a miracle! Finally, speaking as a 11 year old girl, I loved Lea's love for adventure, her determination, her giving (that's inspired by her grandma, Ama), her positive attitude, and the fact that she is doing things that the Cheesy Movie Trio (McKenna, Saige and Isabelle) wouldn't do! I also loved Aki and her knock-knock jokes.

What I liked about the movie: I liked the helicopter part at the beginning. I also liked how Lea's family didn't have as fancy of a house as some other GOTYs, and how Lea didn't complain when she stepped into mud. Also, I liked the subplot with Lea's mom trying to find Zac with that cop (it kind of reminded me of Zootopia, but with humans). The movie is very suspensful, so I liked that too. Thank goodness I only had to pause it once (and that was to check my blood sugar!)

What was eh about the movie: They changed the sloth's name from Amanda (you'd know that if you read Lea Leads The Way) to Amelia, so that made me upset a bit. Also, that Timmy dude got on my nerves.

What I disliked about the movie: The animal poachers. I love nature, so that made me a bit upset too. But I got over it, because it was expected.

What I strongly disliked: Nothing!

The verdict: 9.7 stars! It lost 3 tenths of a point (my teacher will be happy to see that I'm using math vocabulary on this site) because Lea was defiant and stubborn at times. But I'm sometimes defiant and stubborn too, and nobody's perfect!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was the best thing that happened to you today?

MY ANSWER: Besides watching Lea To The Rescue for the first time (it probably won't be the last), my EOG's are finally over! I'm staying home tomorrow because my class is going on a field trip that I said no to.

P.S: There's a new game on my site! It's called Anita: Snow Runner.

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