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Grace Stirs Up Success Is FINALLY On TV In America!

Usually, with the major exception of Kit, the American Girl movies are shown on TV before to a couple weeks after they come out. So I was in shock when I started school without a TV showing of Grace Stirs Up Success. It aired on Family Channel in Canada back in November, but we ended 2015 and Grace's year without an American TV showing. All hope was lost until, finally, we get to now.

After nearly a year's wait, Grace Stirs Up Success is FINALLY airing on American TV! It will be on twice on Disney Channel (where the actress who plays Grace, Olivia Rodrigo's new show Bizaardvark will premiere June 24th) this weekend. The first date is this Saturday (June 11, 2016) at 8 pm Eastern, 11 pm Pacific. The last date is this Sunday (June 12, 2016) at 9 am Eastern, 12 pm Pacific. I am so happy that it finally got the TV airing it deserved!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What doll do you think got the best collection?

MY ANSWER: Not to be biased, but Grace's because I have the majority of it!

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