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Ways To Have A Good Summer If You Are Stuck In Your House

Oh, no! It's a perfectly awesome summer day and there's nothing to do. You've tried asking your mom or dad to go to the pool a billion times, but they say no each time. So, that means you are stuck in the house. Well, last summer I wasted a good half of my summer napping and in the bathroom, and that was until July 22. Then, I spent the rest of my summer moping about my new diabetes diagnosis, and it took a Disney World trip to realize that even though I had diabetes, I could still accomplish my dream of being a director. (Where Dreams Come True. Or is that Disneyland's slogan? Whatever.) When I returned from Disney and got to film, there was only two weeks of summer left. So that meant that only 2 out of the 10 weeks that I got for summer were spent wisely. That's a fifth, out of that WHOLE LONG SUMMER VACATION. So, today is the first day of this summer for me, so I made a list of ways to have a good summer if you are stuck in the house or just plain bored.

-Film a stopmotion! (There’s always time for filming.)

-Play outside if it’s under 90 degrees

-Watch a movie with your pet (if your pet is something like a fish, or you don't have any, just watch it with your doll)

-Play the Wii

-Do a deep investigation to leak Tenney (GOTY 2017)

-Edit your stopmotion! (There’s always time for editing.)

-Invite a friend over

-Invent a new toy

-Write a book (you can use to publish it and you get to keep a percentage of the sales)

-Donate toys to your local children's hospital

-Play cards

-Make something cool out of cardboard

-Write an email

-Make doll food out of clay or paper (or even Play-Doh!)

-Write a movie script

-Raise money for charity

-Clean out the house for a garage sale

-Have a garage sale

-Reorginaise your doll clothes

-Look on eBay to see what you can afford for doll stuff

-Look on Nextdoor to see what you can afford for doll stuff

-Invent something usefull

-Read all of the AG books you have in one day

-Clean up a old playhouse and make it “Club Fun!”

-Do worksheets for your next grade (hey, you can never be too prepared for your next grade!)

-Prank call American Girl

-Make a online TV channel (go to to do that, it's free)

-If all else fails, go to the pool.


COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION- When did you get out of school? If you are still in school, when do you get out?

MY ANSWER: I got out yesterday!

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