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American Girl Melody Series Review!

I contacted Denise Lewis Patrick, the author of the Cecile series and the Melody series, about a interview on this blog. The public relations manager of American Girl, Susan Jevens, contacted me back and said that Denise will send me her answers sometime the week of June 12th, but she was willing to send me the Melody series books (including the 2 that aren't out yet) in the meantime so I could review them for no charge! With my parents' permission, I told her my address so that I could get the books, and they came today! I knew it was them when I saw the label. It was so cool, so I'll tell you what it said:



2** ******** **** LANE



To prove I'm not lying, here's the photo I posted of them on Instagram:

So, I read all three of them and I will share my opinions!


Rating: 10 stars!

Review: I loved Melody's character in this book! When I get the Melody doll when she releases, I am keeping her personality. I also loved everything else in the book- especially when Melody sees a way to connect with mean girl Diane (who, SPOILER ALERT, has a change of heart later in the book)! My other favorite part was the ending, but I won't spoil it, because I think I spilled too much spoiler tea (or water, because I don't drink tea!) Get this book now! When/if you get Melody, donate the copy that comes with the doll to a library if you want to get it now like I will!


Rating: 10 stars!

Review: I am so honored to be the first American Girl fan to read this book, because it was amazing! I would rate more than 10 for this one, but I can't, sadly. I loved Melody's personality in this book too (she is an amazing character), and in this one she makes a big difference! In addition to her fixing up a playground like the descriptions leaked, she also organized a protest of a store who wouldn't let black shoppers in and so much more! Get it when it comes out!


Rating: 9.5 stars!

Review: I am a big fan of Journey books, but I rated it a bit lower because it wasn't as engaging as some other Journey books (for example, Maryellen's) I am still honored to be the first AG fan to read it! The paths you can take are really cool, though, and like with every other book, Melody is awesome! I recommend this book unless you get bored easily. Then, you are good with the other 2 books.

So, overall, I rate the series 9.9 stars! I can't wait to get the Melody doll! I will post more details on Never Stop Singing (characters that didn't appear in No Ordinary Sound, product-to-story relationships) tomorrow! Thank goodness these books kept me busy, it's very hot in North Carolina right now!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is your favorite SM Network Movie on my YouTube channel?

MY ANSWER: Not to be biased, but Different, because I'm working on it right now! I am filming the last scene tomorrow and then all I have to do is edit! The trailer will be out sometime next week.

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