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The Actress For Melody's Movie!

American Girl revealed the actress who will play Melody in her movie (no word on if it's full length, short or Amazon video) via a YouTube video today! And the lucky girl is.....

THAT GIRL! I didn't get her name because she spoke quietly, but her name started with a S. But still, that girl will play Melody!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you could be in one movie of your choice, what movie would it be?

MY ANSWER: Lea To The Rescue as Lea! I was considering auditioning when the details leaked out, but I found out you needed an agent. Plus travel vaccines for South Africa. My hair and my eyes aren't that right (I could've wore a wig and contacts!), but my skin is just like Lea's because I play outside a lot and the sun made my skin tan. But, I'm also glad I didn't get the role because if I didn't go to the doctor's office that one fateful July day, I would've got sick and could've died from undiagnosed diabetes!

P.S: 300th post on AGDN, whoo!

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