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New Doll Found In Simplicity American Girl Patterns Ad! Could It Be A New Truly Me Doll Or Girl Of T

I was scrolling through AG's Facebook page because I was bored, and I came across a Simplicity American Girl doll clothes pattern advertisement. The doll in it didn't look familiar, and this is coming from a girl who has a doll-identification database built into her brain. With every single doll in it. (If you need a doll identified email with a picture of the doll). It was like Truly Me #31, but the doll had the decal eyes that Samantha and Ivy have, while Truly Me #31 has the regular brown eyes. Here's a picture (I cropped the majority of the advertisement out of the picture):

I am thinking that this doll could either be a new Truly Me doll or next year's Girl of the Year, Tenney Grant, who is rumored to be African-American. Here she is compared to Truly Me #31:

The two dolls look alike, but not enough to be the same exact doll.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Wahoo! It's raining American Girl dolls (including retired ones) and Wellie Wishers, all New In Box. When you step outside, you decide to get a random doll. What one do you hope falls into your arms?

MY ANSWER: Sonali. I love Sonali, but I won't be able to afford her eBay prices until I'm a millionare.

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