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The Wellie Wishers Game!


So, to celebrate, I made a Wellie Wishers game! You can choose your favorite Wellie Wisher to play as and use the arrow keys to help find presents for a hospital toy drive. (That sounds like something me and all five Wellie Wishers can agree on- the best birthday parties are for charity!) You can play it on the Games page, or, so you don't have to leave this page, you can play it here!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION 2: Who's birthday was it? (I made a robot that randomly selected a Wellie Wisher to have her birthday, so it wouldn't always be so-and-so's birthday)

MY ANSWER 1: When I tested the game, I played as Willa!

MY ANSWER 2: The majority of the time, it was Camille's birthday.

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