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Debunking The Rumors

You might have heard the rumors that GOTY 2017's name is Gabby and that she will be the last GOTY ever. These are NOT true. The only rumor about GOTY 2017 that's true is that she'll be the first full-doll of color in 12 years. And I have collected proof. Here's my proof:

Gabby- Gabriela's trademarked, but not Gabby. Also, I asked employees in the AGP about GOTY 2017's name and they say that my Tenney Grant theroy is correct.

Last GOTY- Lovelivautum (who's been to the AG Headquarters before) told my friend Abbydolls on Instagram that AG told her that GOTY 2018 is in production. Disabled doll? We'll see in 2017!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What would you do if American Girl altogether was ending?

MY ANSWER- I'd run and cry and hide from the world for 50 years.

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