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Willa- SOLD OUT?!?

P.S (for Pre-Script, the P.S your used to is Post-Script)- I'm home!

I heard from a Instagram friend that the Wellie Wishers are sold out (AKA- out of stock) at her store. So, now that I'm home, I thought that I could use American Girl's store stock checker to figure out what dolls are sold out where! I did so, and guess what I found out?

Willa is sold out in New York!

Don't freak out, it's only until the AG headquarters in Middleton (Wisconsin) send more Willa dolls to the NYC store. I think this is because Willa's everyone's favorite Wellie Wisher- mine too! I have proof of this. When I asked the comment discussion question, "Who's your favorite Wellie Wisher?", the majority of you guys said that Willa was your favorite. Here's a chart:

American Girl Wellie Wishers, American Girl Willa Doll, American Girl Ashlyn Doll, American Girl Kendall Doll, American Girl Emerson Doll, American Girl Camille Doll, American Girl Wellie Wishers Show, American Girl Doll Store, Favorite American Girl Doll Poll

See how many people are on the Willa train? Toot-toot!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Should I reveal all of the Sydney's Special Dolls soon?

MY ANSWER: I'm about to draw their pictures. Bye!

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