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Hump Day Shoutout!

First things first, I changed my comment provider because the old one got glitched up and I couldn't fix it. It wiped out all of your old comments, but it's for the best, But, this new comment provider allows you to comment unlimited comments- my old one only let you guys comment 10 comments and that's it unless I paid $5 a month or something! Plus, no more mean comments- I get to screen each comment and approve it before it's up on AGDN! OK, the shoutout is going to this week:


The magical California finally gets a shoutout! Literally, when I went to LA for the first time, I discovered my love of directing. Like magic!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's your least favorite day of the year?

MY ANSWER: Independence Day. For all of my non-American followers, Independence Day is on July 4th every year and celebrates America's anniversary of independence from England not with a huge birthday cake, but fireworks. Fireworks are my biggest fear because of the loud noises they make (I hear louder than most people because of my Asperger's syndrome) and my whole neighborhood shoots them on Independence Day, so it's terrible!

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