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My Movie Reviews: Finding Dory!

April something 2013. I was on the Fastpass line for Soarin' at Disney World, when someone said, "There's going to be a sequel to Finding Nemo in 2015!" Then, the line turned into a party and it continued until the ride began. Now, two days ago but three years later, I finally got to see it. And it was awesome. Like usual, I'll reveal the rating after the review, and now I'll list the trailers!

1: Kubo And The Two Strings- It looked boring. If I actually saw the whole movie, I'd probably fall asleep. Nope.

2: Monster Trucks- It didn't look like a good movie. I predict that it will get a 2% on Rotten Tomatoes.

3: Sing- YES! YES! YES! I can't wait to see Sing! I'll watch it either in theaters or KissCartoon if it gets the movie early!

4: Storks- When the teaser trailer came out, it looked boring. This trailer looked interesting (especially because 5SOS was in the trailer!), but it's made by the same guys who did the Lego Movie, so I won't see it in theaters. Maybe I'll rent it or watch it on KissCartoon if it gets good reviews.

5- Ice Age: Collision Course- I'm seeing it in theaters. It seems like it's the last Ice Age movie, so hopefully they saved the best for last and Scrat finally gets his acorn.

6- Pete's Dragon- Looks boring. That's all.

7- Moana- YES YES YES YES YES YES OMG OMG YASS! I can't wait to see Moana! Theaters AND KissCartoon!

Short- Piper- I loved the short before Finding Dory! I hope that Pixar is considering a full-length film about Piper.

Things I loved: BABY DORY! Also, I loved all of the characters, but Baby Dory was my favorite. I also loved the plot!

Things I liked: I read that Pixar were going to use a aquarium as the main setting for Finding Dory, but they changed it to a marine life institute. Great move!

Things that were OK: The convenience overload. It didn't ruin the movie for me, but when will there be a movie where the characters have to solve problems with trouble along the way?

Things I didn't like: (This isn't in the actual movie but I had to put this here) That one kid I sat behind that talked during the movie. Of course it had to be me that she/he sat in front of.

Things I strongly disliked: Nothing!

And my rating is: 9.9 stars!

Conclusion: Finally they made a movie about my struggle to leak stuff! Just keep leaking, just keep leaking.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What face mold does the majority of your dolls have?

MY ANSWER: The Classic mold.

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