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New Outfit! Could It Be A Truly Me Holiday Dress?

I found this outfit on the huaclub_1984 eBay account. It comes with a dress, purse and shoes. I'll tell you my speculations on it, but first, I need to leak my magic leaking water bottle--- leak!

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It's so beautiful! I think that this will be the accessory-less holiday dress 2016 for Truly Me because it seems to come with a purse, and the Gorgeous Gold Dress (accessory-less holiday dress 2015) came with a purse. I like that it comes with a purse, but my sister commented on the fact that they use the same shoes, but with a different color and different sequins every year. I agree with her. Boots for the Truly Me holiday outfit 2017!

Here's closeups on the outfit pieces:

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was your favorite Truly Me holiday dress?

MY ANSWER: The Merry and Bright Dress from 2011.

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