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The New Temporary Store Locations Are....

American Girl is doing temporary stores again! I found out on several job-hiring sites. In addition to the temporary store in Indianapolis, Mattel is hiring employees for temporary stores in... (I will be putting a star symbol next to places that also got them last year)

-Pittsburgh, PA- Ross Park Mall

-King Of Prussia, PA- King Of Prussia Mall

-Portland, OR*-

-Detroit (Novi), MI- Twelve Oaks Mall

That's all I could find.

In addition to my Comment Discussion Question, I will be putting American Girl Trivia at the end of each post.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Lanie's e-mail provider in her books is 4natr.net. When you type in the domain name 4natr.net, it redirects to Mattel's official site.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are you getting a store where you live?

MY ANSWER: No, and I don't need one because I have a full-time store where I live.

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