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New Ice Skating Outfit For Truly Me!

I found this new ice skating outfit on the f106884 eBay account. I speculated that there would be a new ice skating outfit because the one that's out now was released in 2014 and Truly Me items usually have a life of 2 years before they are retired, and it looks like I was right! Here it is! (spills water)

Ta-da! The new outfit. I'm a bit disappointed in this outfit because it's too pink for my taste. I would've adored this outfit when I was 5, but AG's target market is 9 year old girls, not 5 year old girls. But, if it was another color, I would probably skip it too because I have the Two-in-One Ice Skating outfit for my Beth on ice skates, so I'm good with skating stuff. Until I get Mia (who, judging by my AG World username, I really want!).

Here's closeups on the pieces:

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: After Pleasant Rowland left American Girl, she restored a town in New York called Aurora and founded a reading program for kindergarten, first grade and second grade called Superkids Reading Program.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Did you watch fireworks last night?

MY ANSWER: No! I'm firework-phobic, if I didn't tell you in another post.

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