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The Girls of the Year are saved! Here's why: SCHOLASTIC IS GOING TO PARTNER WITH AMERICAN GIRL TO MAKE MORE AMERICAN GIRL BOOKS! Nobody will have to buy off third-party Amazon for all of them like me! Here's the details:

-Scholastic and American Girl's new publishing partnership will begin in January 2017.

-There will be some new American Girl book series .

-American Girl will still publish BeForever books & advice and activity titles.

-This is the first time American Girl licensed another company to make more books for them.

-Scholastic will reissue all of the old GOTY books and add a new book to each series, starting with fourth books for Lea and Grace! Woo-hoo!

-Scholastic will publish 18 new books

-One of the new series will feature nonfiction historical books for middle schoolers. Perfect for me, because I'm starting middle school this fall!

-The other new series will be a new contemporary fiction line with "diverse characters" for middle grades. Could this be a new doll line that would replace GOTYs? Or will they keep both? We will see!

-Scholastic will also make American Girl novelty books, like treasuries, journals, and yearbooks with quizzes.

-American Girl says the new partnership with Scholastic will help American Girl expand in areas of its' publishing program, such as BeForever books and The Care And Keeping Of You line.

-American Girl also said that “We’re looking to outside partners because we want to expand. [Scholastic and Amazon] are going to further our storytelling.”

-The books will be available in America (obviously), the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Hooray for international fans!

-This was a evolution of having several American Girl books in Book Fairs. They only had books I already had, not fun!

-Discussions of a partnership began in fall 2014.

If you want to learn more about this partnership, make my bounce rate go up and click here. But stick around for the American Girl Trivia and the Comment Discussion Question!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: 29 million American Girl dolls have been sold over 30 years. That's an average of 1 million dolls a year. Could my Melody or my Christmas present be number 30 million? We will see!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: On a scale of 1 to a billion, how excited are you for new American Girl books and possibly a new doll line?

MY ANSWER: A billion. But I need to go get my blood sugar down. Bye! Click Miss Link!

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