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Headband For 2016 Truly Me Holiday Dress!

A headband that seems to go with the leaked plum holiday dress just leaked on eBay. Here it is:

American Girl Doll Headbands, American Girl Headbands, American Girl Doll Hair Acce

Of course it has to include AG's signature headband tag!

The gemstones on the headband seem to match the gemstones on the purse included with the outfit.

Here is the full outfit with the headband:

Overall, I love the headband. I think that it makes the outfit complete.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Every year after the new year starts, the holiday dresses are put on sale and then are retired as they sell out.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's the biggest thing you've ever gotten for Christmas/whatever holiday you celebrate?

MY ANSWER: In I think 2012, I got a trampoline!

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