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I Was Torn.

You guys usually help me with my dilemmas. But, this one, I feel like it should get it's own post. Because I solved it myself.

So, it was dinnertime yesterday. I was eating with Beckie like I do when I get new dolls. My dad was scrolling through Facebook. And that's when he found this listing on a local bargain page.


Then, Dad rushed to tell me. Since I just got Beckie that day, I stopped eating my turkey sandwich and started walking up thinking, "I'll just sell her on eBay."

Then I saw her face. It was a Pre-Mattel face. I thought, "OMG YES! BIG BUCKS!" A hour later, it turns out that she was still available.

After that I thought, "Shouldn't I keep her? I don't have Samantha, and all 32 of my dolls are Mattel made!"

All night last night, I was torn.

But when I woke up, I challenged myself to find a quality in each doll I have that stands out from the rest. Sometimes it was their hair. Sometimes it was their eyes. But I found a trait that was different in each doll. Ivy was stylish. Nicki was a natural. Chrissa was loving. Julie was funky. Lanie was sweet. Kit was honest. Ruthie was trendy. Kanani was fun. Caroline was spunky. Sierra was caring. Sydney was brave. Saige was friendly. Isabelle was graceful. Anna was resourceful. Kaya was bold. Felicity was gentle. Opal was ready for anything. Abigail was sweet. Grace was daring. Ocean was smart. Summer was a fighter. Marisol was grateful. Beth was curious. Shelly was a leader. Emily was tough. Maryellen was imaginative. Lindsey had perserverance. Lea was spirited. Molly was determined. April was a good listener. Jade was focused. Beckie was strong.

So, I came to the conclusion that even though new dolls always come, I would always love each doll in her special way. In other words, I would keep Samantha.

I'm picking Samantha up at 10:30 am today. Wahoo!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Pre-Mattel dolls have different traits that set them apart from other dolls.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are you ready to meet Samantha?

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