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American Girl Doll Truly Me Winter Sweater Outfit!

I found a new winter sweater outfit on huaclub_1984's eBay account. It is for Truly Me because it has the Truly Me tag. Here it is:

Ugh! It's a bit too childish for my taste. When I saw this, I thought it was for Bitty Baby until I saw the tag. I bet you not even a third grader would wear this.

This is the sweater dress alone. It is a poor choice in fashion.

The beret is kind of cute, but I dislike the rest of this outfit.

In conclusion, this is an awful pink-and-purple explosion. I might get it on sale just for the beret, though.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: How much does it snow where you live?

MY ANSWER: It only snows once or twice. In 2014 we were lucky and it snowed, like, 5 times.

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