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American Girl Doll Melody Movie PICTURES!

As I type, American Girl is shooting the Melody Movie in Los Angeles, California. It's official, it's going to be one of the four Amazon Prime American Girl specials. I can't wait to see it! And the lucky girl portraying Melody is...

MARSAI MARTIN! She is known for playing the role of Diane on the ABC show Blackish. The girl who was in the Voice Of Melody YouTube video is going to provide Melody's singing voice only. This is her at the Zootopia premiere in February.

This is a picture of Marsai on set as Melody. The photo was published on the set hairstylist, Tonya Cryer's Instagram account.

Here's another picture of the set with Marsai as Melody and the hairstylist:

The same hairstylist took a selfie with the makeup artist and Idara Victor, another actress. In the background is a full picture of Marsai fully ready to film.

Maybe American Girl will make the checkered dress Marsai's wearing?

Here's the Ellison's house! Photo courtesy of Val Hunt, the makeup artist.

And another picture of Marsai/Melody!


What's your favorite AG movie? Mine is Molly's!

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