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Holiday Release 2K16!

Here is the WHOLE holiday release.

First, the dollies!

Melody Doll And Book- $115- YASS! I got her!

Truly Me #65- I like this doll, but she resembles my Emily.

Truly Me #66- YES. Christmas list. YES.

Maryellen's Strawberry Outfit- $28

I like this. It's a bit childish, but Maryellen can pull off everything. Except her birthday dress. That's for Lea to wear.

Maryellen's Christmas Party Outfit- $36

YES YES YESS TAKE MY MONEY AMERICAN GIRL TAKE MY MONEY! I'm paying them $365 of my own savings today!

Maryellen's Fridge And Food Set- $150- It's a bit more pricey than I have liked, but I still want it! Christmas list!

Maryellen's Party Punch Set- $38- $38 for THIS? No thank you, AG. Make your sales go up by making a doll with a disability, not raising the prices. You are going against your own character, Felicity!

Maryellen's Holiday Cookie Set- $38- This looks like a fun Christmas cookie set! However, I have the holiday baking set from 2012, so I won't be getting this one.

Julie's New Year's Eve Outfit- $32- Didn't Julie wear a blue version of Ivy's New Year's Outfit to New Year's? But that doesn't matter anymore because there's no more illustrations. Anyways, I like it. Christmas list!

Josefina's Festival Outfit- $32- Anything for Josefina I like. I like this because it's for Josefina, and Josefina slays everything.

Josefina's Navidad Outfit- $34- JOSEFINA LOOKS AWESOME IN BLUE OMG OMG

Rebecca's Menorah And Dreidel Set- $36- Rebecca's BeForever collection has been erasing her Jewish heritage, so I'm glad that this set has been made. I'm excited to get this set for Lindsey, Beckie and Samantha! (I know that canon Samantha isn't Jewish, but Beckie and Samantha are twins because I got Samantha the day after I got Beckie)

Onto the Truly Me stuff!

Salon Chair And Wrap Set- $60- I like this- but I have the salon chair from 2013 so I won't be getting this.

Hair Salon Scene- $15- 15 DOLLARS JUST FOR THIS? No, thanks.

Truly Blue Hairstyling Caddy- $50- I have no room for this.

Hairstyle Essentials Set- $20- I might get this when I'm missing a mist bottle. Otherwise, no.

Ready To Style Hair Care Kit- $24- This is really cute! I might get it sometime.

Gourmet Kitchen Set- $225- This will be very nice in my dollhouse! Yes, I would like this.

Waffle Breakfast Set- $24- I LOVE DOLL FOOD!

Lasanga Dinner Set- $24- YESS!

Blender And Milkshake Set- $24- This would be PERFECT for the diner!

Sparkle And Spin Ice Skating Outfit- $38- I think Beth would rock this!

Enchanting Winter Outfit- $36- I like this outfit a lot!

Merry Magenta Outfit- $36- YESS! I never thought that American Girl would ever make a holiday dress better than the Gorgeous Gold Dress from last year, but boy was I wrong!

Dining Table And Chairs- $85- This is awesome! Too bad I already have a table for my dollhouse.

Golden Sparkles Outfit- $36- This outfit is so cute! Me want.

Holiday Penguin PJs- $24- AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Even though this clashes, I think it will be fun mixing and matching to my content!

Christmas Eve Set- $32- I think this is so cute!

If you made it to the end, a virtual piece of the cookie cake my Mom made for Melody's debut for you!

Now to start working on my Christmas list!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: BeForever, Girl Of The Year or Truly Me?

MY ANSWER: BeForever

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