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Truly Me Retirements

To make room for Truly Me #65 and #66, American Girl retired Truly Me #41 and #43. It is confirmed on American Girl's Facebook page:

"Hi (insert name here), the CLD64 (#41) and CLD66 (#43) are no longer available. Hope you like the new options!"

I didn't really care for #41 (the doll on the left) because she looks exactly like Ruthie, just with green eyes, but I was wanting #43. Ugh!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The first two Truly Me dolls to be retired were Truly Me #9 and Truly Me #10, who were both retired in 2004.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you have any retired dolls? Who do you have?

MY ANSWER: Yes! I have Nicki, Chrissa, Lanie, Ruthie, Kanani, Caroline, Saige, Isabelle, Felicity, Grace, Marisol, Emily, Lindsey and Molly.

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