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Pleasantry Doll News

You might be thinking, "What are Pleasantry Dolls?" Well, Pleasantry dolls are the same exact thing as our beloved American Girl dolls! I got the American Girl Ultimate Visual Guide today and I found two unreleased Truly Me pets! I can't show you the pictures yet because I'm at a sleepover, but here are some facts about American Girl I learned today!

-Pleasant Rowland considered naming American Girl, "Pleasantries", hence the title of this post. She decided to name it Pleasant Company.

-Kirsten's name was supposed to be Rebecca. That's so funny because now American Girl has a doll named Rebecca!

-Molly has glasses because Valerie Tripp wanted one of the original 3 to wear glasses. She chose Molly because she liked how her glasses went with her braids from her meet hairdo.

-The millionth American Girl doll was sold in 1993.

-American Girl's website launched on May 1, 1996.

This whole post is American Girl trivia!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who is your favorite doll out of the Original 3?

MY ANSWER: I like Molly the best because she's like a real girl and makes mistakes.

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