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At Last! A Leak!

Just like the title says, after a long four week long leak drought, there has FINALLY been a leak! It is a outfit that seems like it's the top of one future outfit and the skirt of another. They seem country-related, so maybe the rumors that the Contemporary Character 2017 will be from Tennessee are real! Here it is!

This is so cute! It clashes, but like I said, the China people sometimes take the top of one future outfit and the bottoms of another. I love the pieces alone, but together they clash. Like broccoli cookies. I like broccoli and I like cookies, but broccoli cookies would be terrible!!

Here's some other images:

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The Truly Me music instruments have been around since the line's start.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What are your doll's doing right now?

MY ANSWER: I'm in the middle of a mass doll dressing, so 31/35 AGDN dolls are nakid! School has stopped me from doing it, but now I have to dress my dollies! Bye!

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