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Ring the bells- Felicity's BeForever books have summaries! Which means....... FELICITY IS COMING BACK IN 2017! Yay! Welcome back, Felicity! I found the summaries on Georgetown Publications. I'm going to try to find a international publisher for Scholastic and try to get the Girl of the Year 2017 and Contemporary Girl plots!

Here's the summary for Love And Loyalty (aka Meet Felicity, Felicity Learns A Lesson, Felicity's Surprise):

"In Love and Loyalty, the first volume of her classic stories, Felicity finds out what independence really means as the American colonies begin their fight for freedom. Felicity loves riding horses far more than stitchery or serving tea. When she falls in love with a beautiful chestnut mare, she schemes to save the mare from its cruel owner with the help of Ben, her father's young apprentice. Yet as talk of revolution rumbles around her, Felicity finds it harder to tell right from wrong. Ben wants war, while her best friend Elizabeth's family remains loyal to the king. Then Felicity receives an invitation to the Governor's Palace—and she must decide where her own loyalties lie."

This book has a release date of February 16, 2017: Anita's birthday!

Here's the summary for A Stand For Independence (aka Happy Birthday, Felicity!. Felicity Saves The Day and Changes For Felicity):

"A Stand for Independence, the second volume of Felicity's classic stories, tells how she finds the strength to follow her heart during the Revolutionary War. When Felicity overhears a plot against the colonists, no one believes her but Ben, her father's apprentice. The two risk great danger to warn the colonists themselves and soon afterward, Felicity finds a secret note from Ben. He has run away to join George Washington's army, and he is injured. Felicity is worried about him but knows it would be wrong to help a runaway apprentice. Then she is turned away from the door of her best friend, Elizabeth. Will the war for independence come between Felicity and her friends?"

This book also has a release date of February 16, 2017.

Here's the summary of Gunpowder And Tea Cakes, Felicity's Journey book:

"What if a girl suddenly found herself in Felicity's world during the American Revolution? Together, she and Felicity could hang out at her father's store, sip tea at the Governor's Place—or get caught up in a gunpowder plot! As she reads, she decides what happens next by choosing her own path through this multiple-ending story."

Stay tuned on AGDN for the Girl of the Year 2017 and Contemporary Girl plots!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Addy could've been from the Harlem Rennisance!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Let's play a game in the comments while I find the plots for GOTY '17 and Contemporary Girl! The game is: Doll Names! Someone starts with a name of a doll that they have. Another person has to comment the somebody's doll name and one of their dolls' name, and then another person has to comment both those two names and one of their dolls, and so forth. But the catch is: don't use the same doll twice!

MY ANSWER: I'll start- Maryellen!

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