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Online Purchase With Purchase!

Looks like there's a store-only and a online-only purchase with purchase this time around! The new online Purchase With Purchase is something we've all seen before from eBay, but now IT'S OUT! Here it is!

ABIGAIL LOOKS GREAT IN THIS (Abigail is my Truly Me #24 doll)!

This is called the Snow Good To See You Outfit. I bet you Cat Noir made up that name! If only I could use emojis in posts.... The Snow Good to See You Outfit retails for $24 independently or $14 when you spend $50+ on American Girl's website.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: One year ago today, Grace's French Bakery sold out!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Lea's year is almost over! What item do you think will sell out first?

MY ANSWER: Either her Celebration Dress or her Rainforest House.

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