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Girl Of The Year 2017 HOT STUFF!

Turns out Tenney Grant's the modern character, because I have the scoop on the real Girl of the Year 2017! I have heard from a reliable Facebook account that never lied before that Girl of the Year 2017's name is none other than.... Gabriella McBride! Let me tell you a bit more about Gabriella.

Gabriella is a tap dancer, according to the account. I was hoping for something a teensy bit more original, but at least it's not another ballerina! Gabriella is also African-American and will be very similar to #46.

Also, the cat below will be Gabriella's and the golden retriever will be Tenney's!

Sorry, American Girl! Cat's out of the bag! Meow!

I can't wait to get Gabriella! I will call her Gabby because I feel like I. But I am really happy she'll be like #46! My friend's #46 doll visited the AGDN newsroom last year so I could fix her hair, and she had a great time!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Gabriella will be the second Girl of the Year to be a full doll of color (Jess and Kanani are 1/2 white, and Lea is 7/8 white), the first being Marisol.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are you happy with Gabriella?

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