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Store Exclusive Ballgown! on Instagram (who gave me permission to post her image) found a photo of the new Store Exclusive Ballgown in the latest issue of American Girl Magazine! The dress and the shoes leaked back in June, but now we get to see the whole outfit! Here it is!

Ta-da! In addition to the dress and shoes we knew were coming, there will also be a cape, gloves, an armwarmer and a tiara! If you couldn't see, this is called the Fancy Frost Ballgown and will release on November 10, 2016. Now if only these weren't SO expensive!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The first issues of American Girl Magazine had what would later become the Historical Short Stories.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What magazines are you subscribed to?

MY ANSWER: None! I used to be subscribed to American Girl magazine, but my subscription ended with the last issue and I don't want to renew because American Girl magazine is boring.

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