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Z American Girl Doll News!

Remember back in August when the maker of the first 10 #AGZCREW episodes hinted at making the main character, Z, a doll? Well, it's official! American Girl trademarked Z Crew, Z and her official first and last name..... drumroll please.... Z YANG! They also trademarked some logos for her line:

Woah! I can't believe my eyes over here! There's lots of names that we have no clue about their use. Della, Barbara, Nanea, Logan, and now American Girl trademarked another name? Talk about how NOT to save money.

AMERICAN GIRL QUICK UPDATE: I'm working on adding the Toys R Us stores that will have the shop-in-shop American Girl stores to the AG Store Map. I'm working on Iowa right now (I'm working in alphabetic order)

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