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New American Girl Doll Shirt!

Sorry for not being active on here all day! Since Friday night, I've been having a really bad cold and my voice is gone. Basically all I've done since I've woke up is binge-watching Miraculous. Five episodes in one day- that's a record!

Anyways, a new shirt leaked! It came paired with the Pretty Pink Tutu and Grace's Sightseeing Shoes, but I'm only showing you guys it alone.


AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: In a rare interview Pleasant Rowland gave in 2004, she mentioned that the original American Girl dolls didn't seem like something that would be blaring on the shelves at Toys R Us. Fast forward 30 years.... American Girl dolls at Toys R Us!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's the most inconvenient thing you've encountered today?

MY ANSWER: Either commercials on Nick On Demand which you can't fast forward or the struggle to find non-childish pajamas that were my size and a red shirt at Target for Anti-Drug Spirit Week at school.

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