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Gabriela McBride GOTY 2017 NEW American Girl Shoes!

Ah, the things I do for this blog. Once I hid in the bathroom stalls at school to post about Melody's book cover, another time I had to stand in a stampede of four year olds running around and mothers giving me dirty looks to take pictures of the Wellies, and another time I skipped art at school to leak Melody and this time I'm cutting my science test study time (yes, my teacher gave us a test on Halloween- actually two tests on Halloween) to bring you this leak. It's SHOES!

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These are really pretty! I think they might be for Girl of the Year 2017, Gabriela McBride. If you've been living under a rock, she's a tap dancer. These look like tap shoes, correct me if I'm wrong. I took tap ONCE and it was in kindergarten.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Marisol was the doll that brought success to the GOTY line. Maybe the secret ingredient to saving the GOTYs is dancers of color..... (stares off into space)

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Today's Halloween! What's the most wacky moment you've ever experienced on Halloween (and if you don't celebrate it, what's the most wacky moment you've encountered at school)?

MY ANSWER: When I was 8, I went to this house and a creepy talking skeleton was giving out the candy. It gave me a jump scare, and I've never been to that house ever since.

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