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American Girl Holiday Savings!

American Girl has some sales for the holiday season going on!

When you type in the code 3SAVINGS on American Girl's website, from today until November 7th, you save $10 when you spend $50, $15 when you spend $75 and $20 when you spend $100. Nice!

Also, American Girl has a bundle sale of every BeForever doll with their holiday accessories for $170, a Bitty Baby bath time bundle for $110 and a Truly Me gymnastics bundle for $210.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Kaya was going to have the Classic mold until the American Girl designers learned that it's rude to show your teeth in Kaya's culture.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do you want the most for whatever holiday you celebrate?

MY ANSWER: For Christmas, I really want a certain Truly Me doll (can't say her number, it's a secret!) and a 3D printer so I can make Special Dolls for a 2017 release.

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