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Lanie Mega Bloks Set!

Photos just leaked on of a new Lanie Mega Bloks set! It is a set of her camper, which I have for 18 inch dolls.

It looks very fun for little ones!

Here's the rest of the photos:

"Lanie is all set for an outdoor adventure in her super-cute Camper! The buildable camping trailer's wall can open, close, and lock, and the roof lifts up too! The themed accessories and real fabric details can be stored inside of the Camper when closed! The fully articulated Lanie mini figure is highly detailed.​​"

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: In celebration of Lanie, American Girl had a nature photography contest. The grand prize winner received Lanie's whole entire collection.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was the best prize you've ever won?

MY ANSWER: A $100 Amazon gift card.

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