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Dad just ordered me a 3D printer as a early Christmas present! I am SOOO happy because that is what I am going to use to make Special Dolls! IT'S HAPPENING, FOLKS! IT'S HAPPENING!

I am so happy that I am apart of the Toy Box Revolution to make toys with disabilities. As a type 1 diabetic and Aspie girl, I am proud to say that Special Dolls, the first line of disabled dolls with their own backstories, was my own idea that I came up with as a 10 year old girl trying to cope with her diagnosis of diabetes. As a thank you for waiting almost two days for a new post (stupid teachers giving so much homework before break), I decided to give more details about the two types of Special Dolls:

You may know about the main Special Dolls. But I haven't told you about the second line of dolls from Special Dolls: My Special Doll!

This is a line of dolls with different skin, hair and eye combos, like Truly Me from American Girl. But the special appeal is that you get to pick out what her special quality is and order the accessory that goes with it with the doll within the cost: Does she have diabetes? How about a prosthetic limb? A wheelchair? We have it! And they come with a blank book, just like Truly Me dolls in the 90's did, so you can write your own story for your special doll!

This is a awesome project I am working on. In addition to what I am doing now, I will maybe add boy dolls in the future or make another line that features dolls with disabilities for younger kids! But for now, enjoy your sneak peeks! So far, they're coming out just in time for Christmas 2017!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Everyone thought Pleasant Rowland was crazy when she said she wanted to make historically-based dolls. They were wrong!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Have you ever made a line of products at home for friends or a real start-up doll line like Special Dolls?

MY ANSWER: In addition to Special Dolls, I once had a business of making flower-shaped pieces of construction paper to put in your hair called Flow Bows in second grade. It's how me and Madison (the old girl from the SM Network) met!

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