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MORE DOLLS?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

On the Simplicity Pattern stock photos, I found a couple dolls that didn't look familiar. I remember last time I found a "new" doll on those stock photos, it was just Truly Me #31 with heavy lighting. But remember when I thought #65 was just #39? I just want to be safe and post these, but I am not 100% these are new Truly Me dolls.


This doll reminds me of my Truly Me #36 doll, Rose. Rose, however, has shorter hair. I am 75% sure this is a new doll! If she is, than I can wait to get her. She looks a awful lot like Rose.

This is Truly Me #58 with "what appears to be" decal brown eyes, medium skin and light brown hair. I am only 30% sure this is a new doll, but if she is, than she looks so pretty! I'd get her.

No time for a AG Trivia or a Comment Discussion Question, folks. My stomach hurts!

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