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Gabriela Collection!

Someone who works at American Girl has told fans these details about Gabriela:

-She will come in different packaging

-Her Big Ticket Item will be a dance bar and backdrop that is under $300

-In addition to the three outfits that have leaked for her, she will have a warm up outfit and other outfits

-She will not have a full-length movie, ending the GOTY movie chain.

My opinions:

1- I don't care about the packaging, I just care about the doll inside!

2- This seems cool! Hooray for Dad's wallet! I will add Isabelle's bar and make a really cool dance scene.

3- Hooray for big collections!

4- I'm OK with no more GOTY movies. The only ones I really liked was Grace and Chrissa. Lea's was OK, and the rest of the GOTY movies were trash.

ADVERTISEMENT FROM SM NETWORK: Do you have nothing to do on New Year's Eve night? How about you ring in 2017 with the dolls of Leakville? On December 31 at 11:30 pm Eastern to January 1 at (estimated) 1:20 am Eastern, watch the Lea Clark New Year's Eve 16-17, hosted by the GOTY emeritus and star of Me My Camera and Diabetes, Lea! You can get a behind-the-scenes view of MMCAD, watch the dolls of Leakville display their talents and count down to Gabriela's release on! Available on YouTube, Instagram and SM Network TV (if Viloud allows live streaming).

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who's watching Lea Clark New Year's Eve?

MY ANSWER: Me, of course!

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