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Doll Of The Week: Lindsey!

First things first: If you celebrate, Merry Christmas! I'll introduce you guys to my new additions to the doll family later today.

Now, I drew out the second name out of the hat and Lindsey got selected! I know many of you wanted Lea to be the doll of the week because it's her last week out, but this is supposed to be 100% random with no exceptions.

Lindsey's name and photo will be on the AGDN header for a week (Dec. 25- Dec. 31)

Lindsey was the first ever Girl of the Year, for 2001. I got Lindsey on October 18, 2015 off of eBay. Lindsey is special to me because we didn't mean it, but she arrived the day I got my insulin pump! I noticed right away that her legs were very loose, so I put her in her trademark berry wheelchair for the first time.

Lindsey used to be a champion ballerina, but a car accident changed her life forever. She was diagnosed with partial paralysis (which later grew to muscular dystrophy) and was told to never dance again. Lindsey's school counselor told her how to play soccer with her wheelchair pads, and then Lindsey became a star on her school soccer team because she could kick the ball all across the world and back. Lindsey still loves soccer!

I made Lindsey's story a movie for a local film festival, where I won first place for the Kindergarten-8th grade category!

Here's a list of Lindsey's roles in SM Network stuff:

AG Adventures- Herself

Me, My Camera and Diabetes- Background

Lindsey: An American Girl Story- Herself

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Lindsey's story isn't the actual doll story of Lindsey! Then, there would be no "MAKE A DOLL WITH A DISABILITY!" campaign!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was your best memory in 2016? (Because this is the last DOTW in 2016)

MY ANSWER: Probably when I released Different after 2 months of working. Those 2 months were the best of 2016, but the most tiring, too!

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