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Truly Me Items!

Boostmomma on American Girl Collectors shared about the new Truly Me release for January 1st! Like usual, the Truly Me stuff is released in store early so the workers can put their focus on the new Girl of the Year.

List of new items:

-Just Dotty Tank And Brief Set: Exactly what the title says.

-Flowers and (I couldn't read the other word) Tank And Brief Set: A tank with flowers, hearts and butterflies and briefs not pictured.

-Yellow tank top with sequins.

-Flower lace skirt that leaked on eBay a while back:

-A white shirt with a "Hello" embroidered in pink with orange, yellow and blue pom-poms on the side.

-Blue sandals.

-Green sandals.

-Pink sequined skirt.

-Pink tank top.

-Yellow lace tank top.

-Blue shorts.

-Blue lace top that leaked a while back:

The old Mix and Match items are no longer available. At least I got all the pieces I wanted for Christmas!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Isabelle's collection was the first and only collection ever to only focus on mix-and-match pieces.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's your favorite part of the new Mix and Match?

MY ANSWER: I love the pink sequin skirt!

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