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New TM Items and Lea Stock Update!

I went to the AGP Charlotte today and they didn't give me Gabriela. Oh, well. I was expecting that.

But what I did get was photos of the new release stuff and a update on Lea! Here they are:

The doll with the black hair is wearing the following pieces:

-Fringe Vest

-Tropical Print Dress

The doll with the brown hair is wearing the following pieces:

-Adventure Tank Set

-Geo-Print Shorts

The doll with the blond hair is wearing the following pieces:

-Adventure Tank Set

-Sequin Skirt

The doll with the red hair is wearing the following pieces:

-Pom Pom Tee

-Tired Tropical Skirt

Below is the Sunshine Tank:

I like the first Mix and Match release way better than this one. The only pieces I like are the Adventure Tank Set, Geo-Print Shorts, Sequin Skirt and Pom-Pom Tee (with cut-off pom poms)

Above are the Dream Pajamas and the Fun and Games Sleepover Set ($34 for sleepover set, the pajamas are the normal cost).

Some new tank and briefs came out, too, but I couldn't get pics of those. The store was mobbed!

I did manage to get some pictures of Lea's section and the GOTY poster.

As you can tell by this photo, half of Lea's section has been taken by BeForever characters such as Addy, Julie and Maryellen. The hearts in the backdrop are important to Gabriela's story!

The photos I took had people in it, so I will list the items that were still available from what my photos captured.

-No more Lea dolls left.

-There was only five sea turtles left!

-A few Rainforest Houses were left.

-There were about 20 margay cats left.

-There were also about 10 sloths left.

-Only one Beach Picnic set left, and only about 5 Celebration Dresses for girls.

-No more Celebration Dresses for dolls.

-About 20 accessory sets.

-Only 2 meet dresses for girls and 3 messenger bags for girls.

-About 10 pajama sets for girls and 20 sets for dolls

-There was also a few Rainforest Hike Accessories and Outfits that I forgot to photograph, so I can't go back and count

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Addy has been around the longest- 23 years!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who was your first doll?

MY ANSWER: Ivy was the first doll. My sister got her for her birthday in 2007, but she's technically my first because I have my sister's dolls from now until she has daughters. My real first doll was Julie, who I got for Christmas 2009.

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