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A Look Back At 2016

2016 ranked as one of the worst years ever, but for American Girl Doll News, it was the BEST year ever for this blog! To commemorate my last real post of 2016 (my last post of 2016 will be the link to Lea Clark's New Year's Eve) Let's look back at what we did this year:


Here's a list of the things that happened in January:

-Lea Clark released as the 14th GOTY

-I got Lea on January 1

-SM Network and AmericanGirlDollNews celebrated it's second birthday on January 5th

-Me, My Camera and Diabetes premiered on January 19 (pictured)

-I turned 11 on January 21

-SM Network hit 200 subscribers

-And... we had the Great Leak Drought of January! February

-American Girl had a spring release.

-American Girl partnered with Mega Bloks.

-I got Molly on February 18 and April on February 27

-Melody and some of her collection were revealed on February 22

-I switched from Wordpress to Wix on February 28! (pictured)

-Lea's full Celebration Outfit, the Melody doll and Melody's accessories leaked


-American Girl had a Truly Me bundle sale

-Truly Me #46 retired

-I posted my Virtual Dolls (Gosh, I've been slacking with those! I'll work on those over the weekend soon!)

-On March 7, there were 300 days until GOTY 2017! Mom wanted her to be a coder. She got her best friend right!

-I posted about the Wellies for the first time. I didn't like them at first, but now I own 3!

-The Personal Shoppers left the smaller AG stores, including Charlotte.

-My first live stream EVER to celebrate the end of Me My Camera and Diabetes Season 1 was on March 14!

-Katy Dickson became the CEO of American Girl

-American Girl World 1 launched for a couple days, closed, and then AGLover3 (Lin) recreated it (pictured)

-Me, My Camera and Diabetes Season 2 premiered on March 22

-Lea to the Rescue's press release came out on March 22

-Production on Lindsey: An American Girl Story started


-It was National Autism Awareness Month.

-I pranked you about AG closing!

-The WellieWisher series was announced. (Pictured)

-American Girl had a Maryellen bundle sale.

-Maryellen's Christmas Party Dress, Melody's Christmas Dress and Melody's mini doll leaked

-American Girl World 1 came back!

-Lindsey: An American Girl Story released on April 15.

-American Girl had a release on the 28th.

-We learned that the American Girl outlet was closing.

-Production on Different started.


-I got Jade on May 12

-On May 3, Lindsey: An American Girl Story was screened at the Cinnebarre in Charlotte- where I won first place in the elementary/middle school category! (pictured)

-The Ombre Ballet Dress, Samantha's Costco holiday outfit, Tenney's dog Waylon, the Pomeranian Pajamas, the Wellie Wishers book covers, Josefina's Festival Outfit, Julie's New Year's Eve Outfit and Josefina's Navidad Outfit leaked

-I became a Miraculer! (Miraculous Ladybug fan)

-We learned that the temporary store in Indianapolis was coming back

-On May 12, we learned about the new NYC "Store of the Future"

-American Girl started testing TM dolls for a $98 price

-The Lea To The Rescue Movie premiered on May 23

-We learned about the new AG store in Toronto

-Lea To The Rescue released on digital HD on May 31


-Smores was born on June 6!

-I published the first four character descriptions for Special Dolls

-Maryellen's Strawberry Outfit, the Enchanting Winter Outfit, the Fancy Frost Ballgown and the Silver-Print Cat Tee leaked

-The prosthetic limb doll video went viral!

-I announced American Girl World 2

-The Wellie Wishers released on June 23 (pictured)

-American Girl announced the Bitty Twins were retiring

-Grace Stirs Up Success aired on June 11 on Disney Channel

-I graduated elementary school!

-I received the Melody Book Series to review from American Girl

-We found out Melody was going to have a movie

-Different released on June 21

-The Lea To The Rescue DVD released on June 14

-The Special Dolls drawings and personalities were revealed


-I got Beckie and Samantha!

-The Merry Magenta Dress, the Gourmet Kitchen Set (pictured), TM #65 (Emerald), the Dining Table and Chairs, the Waffle Breakfast Set, Melody's purse, the Sparkle And Spin Ice Skating Outfit, the Golden Sparkle Outfit, the Salon Chair and Wrap set, the Truly Blue Hairstyling Caddy, the Hairstyling Essentials Set, the Ready To Style Hair Care Kit, Gabriela's Sparkling Sequins Outfit, the Tartan Tafetta Dress, a unknown Kit outfit and a AG exclusive swimsuit leaked

-The Temporary Store 2016 locations were revealed

-AG Rewards released!

-American Girl and Scholastic announced their partnership and the Contemporary Line

-The 29th American Girl Benefit Sale happened on July 16 and July 17

-The temporary store in Indianapolis opened on July 8

-I celebrated one year of living with diabetes on July 22

-The opening date of the temporary store in Detroit was announced

-The release date of Melody was revealed

-The first two books in Gabriela's and Tenney's series, and the Story of America- American Girl DK Book were listed on Amazon

-American Girl World 2 released on July 14

-The American Girl Outlet closed


-I got Melody!

-I helped out at an American Girl doll camp. It was so much fun, and I'm doing it again next year!

-I got Smores!

-The Purple Sparkle Outfit, the Winter Wishes Outfit, the Holiday Penguin PJs, a unknown BeForever outfit, Truly Me #66, the Snow Good to See Outfit, the Tiered Tropical Skirt, the Tropical Print Dress, the Green Gladiator Sandals, the Costco Sleepover Pajamas, a Tenney shirt, the Winter Friends Ice Skating Outfit and the Love And Caring Carraige leaked

-It was announced that the American Girl Fashion Show program was ending

-It was announced that Raleigh would get a temporary store

-American Girl had a Back-To-School sale

-The name Nanea Mitchell was trademarked

-The SM Network hit 300 subscribers!

-Z Crew Season 2 premiered on AG's YouTube channel

-It was confirmed that Z would be a doll!

-AG Rewards members had the chance to pre-order Melody

-We got behind-the-scenes photos from Melody: 1963- Love Has To Win

-American Girl released Melody on August 25 (pictured)

-The Lady's Slipper, The Runaway, Message In A Bottle, The Rainstorm Brainstorm, The Mystery of Mr. E, Camille's Mermaid Tale, the Tenney mini doll, the Gabriela mini doll and Felicity's series were listed on Amazon

-Truly Me #41 and #43 retired

-I interviewed Laurie Calkhoven, an American Girl author

-American Girl announced that they were opening shop-in-shops at Toys R Us

-I started middle school


-I got Sonali! (pictured)

-American Girl had a Truly Me bundle sale

-American Girl announced that they were selling Lea and WellieWishers at Kohl's

-A dog and a cat for Costco, Logan's meet top, a skirt for Tenney, Gabriela's cat Maya, Felicity's book summaries, a tote bag for Bitty Baby, the covers for the 2017 Mystery Books, the covers for 2/3 of the new Wellie Wishers books, the Pale Pink & Tweed Outfit and Tenney's location leaked

-The American Girl tablet was announced

-The Sleepover Set came out at Costco


-I got Gwen, Rose and Mia!

-Snickerdoodle turned 2 on October 4.

-Melody's movie released on October 21. (Pictured)

-I interviewed Kathleen Ernst, the author of Caroline's series!

-Gabriela's meet outfit, Gabriela's Pajamas, Gabriela's name, looks and interests, a unknown outfit, Felicity's undergarments, a Truly Me swimsuit, information on the first WellieWisher episode, Felicity's meet outfit, Express Yourself with Gabriela, Tenney's pajamas, a Truly Me outfit, a Tenney shirt, new shoes, a Truly Me shirt, leaked

-The Purple Sparkle Outfit became the Purchase with Purchase.

-American Girl had a Truly Me bundle.

-The Snow Good To See You Outfit became the online Purchase with Purchase.

-The Maryellen movie was announced.

-On October 14, the AGP Chicago started piercing girl's ears.

-The WellieWisher series premiered on October 14!

-It was announced that Lea To The Rescue would air on Disney Channel on November 23.

-American Girl trademarked "Z Yang".

-The Toys R Us Shop-In-Shops opened on October 29.

-American Girl phased out the Truly Me activity.

-American Girl had free shipping!

-Samantha became available at Costco.


-I got Willow!

-It was National Diabetes Awareness Month.

-A ballet outfit for Truly Me, a outfit for Tenney, a swimsuit for Maryellen, a robe for Truly Me, a sparkly dress for Tenney, assorted pieces, a 2017 Truly Me dress, a outfit for the Contemporary Line, a music outfit for Truly Me, a basketball outfit for Julie, Tenney's Journal book cover and information on Tenney leaked

-American Girl's Grace Mega Bloks set won a People's Play Award.

-Maryellen's movie came out on November 25. (Pictured)

-American Girl had a sale!

-American Girl had their annual Cyber Monday sale!

-A book for Tenney and another contemporary character got listed on Amazon.

-American Girl had 20 dollars off the BeForever bundles on November 10th ONLY!

-American Girl had free shipping!

-I published my most popular post of 2016, "I can't say!"

-On November 23, two American Girl movies aired on Disney Channel back-to-back.

-American Girl trademarked Popcorn, Luciana, Emory and Averly.


-I got Jessica, McKenna, Lynlee, Emerald, Ashlyn, Mayah, Nellie, Marie-Grace, Camille and Maesi!

-The Dream Pajamas, information about Tenney and Logan, information about Felicity's retirement, Tenney, Felicity, Gabriela and her collection, Gabriela's book cover, a Truly Me dress, Logan's meet outfit, a sports tee, sparkle jeans, a shirt for Truly Me, a Truly Me dress, Felicity's book covers and The Mystery of Mr. E's cover leaked!

-American Girl had Daily Deals!

-SM Network TV launched!

-We finally got a GOTY with a disability!

-American Girl had free shipping!

-Gabriela was revealed on Good Morning America on December 29, 2016.

-Melody's movie was nominated for two NAACP Image Awards!

-American Girl announced that they are opening stores in the Middle East in 2017!

-Lea sold out on December 19.

-American Girl released emojis for iMessage!

-The dolls without hair were released in the flagship stores!

-American Girl trademarked Luciana Vega.

-I got Gabriela's first book early!

And now, for AGDN's statistics for 2016 (I lost my stats from the early months when I switched to Wix, so this is incomplete):

457,334. That's how much visits AGDN got this year.

The biggest stadium in the United States, Michigan Stadium, holds 109,901 people. So that means that if my blog was a show at the Michigan Stadium, than it would take 5 shows for that many people to see it!

The United States was the country where my blog was most visited in. It's followed by Canada, Great Britan and Australia.

This year, most of you guys used smartphones to view my site.

Here are my top 5 most popular posts for 2016:

5- New Gabriela McBride, GOTY 2017, Clues!- October 14, 2016

4- Girl Of The Year 2017 HOT STUFF!- October 7, 2016

3- Gabriela- Girl Of The Year 2017 Collection!- December 12, 2016

2- Let's Think... GOTY 2017!- February 28, 2016

1- Girl Of The Year 2017 Leaks! (UPDATED 12/26/16)- November 18, 2016

My top post alone has gotten me 29,864 views.

THANK YOU AGDN READERS! Let's hope for a amazing 2017!

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