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Imagine GOTY 2017 WINNERS!

Who won the Imagine GOTY 2017 contest? I started this contest eight months ago, and now it's finally over because her book leaked! \

DISCLAIMER: I judge this based on similarity to Gabriela McBride.

Top 10-

@americangirlwonder on Instagram with Tenney Grant!

@dollloverforlyfe on Instagram with Luna Ashton Lumar!

Madeerocks with Tenney Grant!

Happiness with Happysasha!

Jellybean333 with Kerri!

AAMIYAHLIN on Instagram with Nameless!

Taylorvictoriabell with Isabella!

Factgirl27 with Fern Wilson!

Lololime with Leila!

Tiamcqueen with Tiaana!

Top 5-

@americangirlwonder on Instag