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New Gabriela Items!

Happy new year, everyone! Let's hope 2017 brings us lots of leaks!

So, I went to the American Girl store today to get Gabriela! I met two very nice American Girl Doll News readers, which was awesome. And Gabriela was selling like hotcakes! Every girl there was carrying a Gabriela. Because I faced my firework-phobia, I got to get 2 dolls! I got Gabriela and Truly Me #54, who I named Hope.

Meet Gabby McBride!

Meet Hope Zhang-Williams! (#54)

Gabby has white underwear, like Maryellen and Melody.

Hope came with the Truly Me activity.

So, the main reason I made this post was to show you some things that leaked for Gabriela's spring release on American Girl's play site.

SOURCE: http://play.americangirl.com/play/girl-of-the-year/gabriela/

This looks like Gabriela will get a "Netflix and Chill" set. Just kidding! It's a MP3 player, a chair and ottoman, and some food. It also looks like a blanket will come with this set. My best guess for this set's cost is in the $50-$60 price range.

And this looks like Gabriela will get this outfit next release. It makes me think "Julie meets Lea."

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Lindsey got a quiet release, unlike other dolls.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are you getting Gabriela?

MY ANSWER: I have Gabriela!

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