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Thank You!

I just got emailed by the people from Wix this:

"Hi (insert my dad's name here),

My name is Paula and I work in the SEO department at I tried contacting you a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoyed the holidays and had an amazing start to the year! As I said, we have retrieved your site,, from a number of best performing sites in terms of SEO at Wix. We are very impressed and would like to compliment you on the great work you've done with your site. We know just how hard SEO can get, and your achievement is truly remarkable.

As part of an SEO-focused project, we want to showcase the real SEO heroes of Wix and make your stories inspire other small businesses in order to encourage them to invest in learning about SEO. We would love to showcase your story in this project, and learn about how you managed to place your website as a leader in your industry in such a competitive environment.

In order to explain your story, we would need you to fill out a questionnaire. If you are interested in participating we would be happy to send you a coupon for a yearly subscription to thank you for your time. :)

Would you like to participate? I will be happy to send you further details and answer any questions you may have."

Thank you for this amazing opportunity, guys! I am so proud to be noticed by Wix, and you guys made it happen. I love the AG community!

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