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Lea Items Are Still Up!

Missed out on getting a Lea item? Don't fear, Sydney is here! I found a way to still purchase Lea items in three simple steps.

1- Go to American Girl's website.

2- Go the the Shop site with parent's permission (if you will order anything)

3- Search Lea.

There you go! Everything in her world but the doll is still up.

Here's the link: http://www.americangirl.com/shop/EndecaSearchFromProductDisplayViewAG?productIndex=0&parameterID=4294967282&ntk=productSearch&search=true&currentPage=0&langId=-1&inDimSearch=0&itemsPage=12&catalogId=10051&pageView=grid&sortBy=1&urlLangId=-1&categoryId=&urlRequestType=Base&storeId=10151&criteria=lea

I got to go to school! Bye!

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