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Doll Of The Week: Jessica/Lynlee!

OOPS! I was so busy last week I forgot to do a post on last week's DOTW, Jessica- so she and this week's doll, Lynlee are sharing a post!

Jessica's picture was on the AGDN header from January 1-January 7.

Jessica is a custom #13. I added freckles and a 3D-printed prosthetic leg.

I got Jessica's body in September. I added her prosthetic leg in December, and she became Jessica on December 17, 2016.

Jessica loves babysitting- it's her #1 thing to do! She constantly takes the WellieWishers to birthday parties, to fun places and to the movies- she's seen more G-rated movies than all of her sisters! When not with little kids, Jessica loves hanging out with her sisters- she is a social butterfly!

Jessica's only appearance on the SM Network was herself on Lea Clark's New Year's Eve 2016-17, but she will be a babysitter on Me My Camera and Diabetes soon!

And now, to this week's star- Lynlee!

Lynlee is Truly Me #19 version 2.

Lynlee is a talented pianist and hip-hop dancer. You can always find her at dance class on Fridays or playing the piano at the recording studio. She is best friends with April and used to take dance with her- that is until April's trip to LA where she discovered her true self. Lynlee once despised April's new self, but she learned to embrace her friends changes- after all, she's April's go to lead in her movies!

Lynlee's only appearance on the SM Network was herself on Lea Clark's New Year's Eve 2016-17, but she will be on AG Adventures soon!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: #19 had two versions- one with Samantha's hair and grey eyes, and one just like Lynlee.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you have any Truly Me dolls that were once modified/retired? Search the American Girl Wiki if you are having trouble remembering.

MY ANSWER: I do! Rose (#36) is retired, and I have #19 version 2 (Lynlee) and #54 version 1 (Hope). I had to get a #54 from the back, and AGP Charlotte only had #54s without the Ivy notches.

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