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New Gabriela Content!

On Facebook, American Girl commented this:

"(insert name here), there are no current plans to produce a Gabriela movie. However, Gabriela’s story will be brought to life via multiple forms of content, including books, digital games, YouTube videos, and an all-character app in 2018."

So this means that AG's games for Gabriela are coming soon! And there'll be YouTube videos, and she'll get her app in 2018! Wahoo! So much to look forward too!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Tenney comes out a month from tomorrow!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are you going to get any dolls that will debut this year?

MY ANSWER: Yes! Dad's going to the AGP Charlotte to pick up Tenney and Logan for me while I'm in school, and I'll for sure buy Contemporary Character #2 and whichever BeForever which is coming out (a new one, not Felicity! I already have Felicity.)

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