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Save Girl Meets World in Four. Easy. Steps!

Not relevant to this post but still relevant overall: I got Kendall with my Christmas money!

Anyways, my old profile picture had a lot of meaning to it, even though I replaced it to something more recent. It was February of 2015- a very hard year for me. Kids were bullying me. The principal was getting me in trouble. But when Danny, who plays the janitor on Girl Meets World, invited my sister, me and her family to see a taping of Girl Meets World, I felt amazing.

The moment I stepped on the set, I saw that the cast and crew was such a inclusive and nice group. When I saw Rowan Blanchard, she said that it was so cool that I made AG videos. Peyton Meyer was so nice to me and shared a funny moment with my sister. Sabrina Carpenter waved and smiled at me. And I got to see a deleted scene of Farkle in a chicken suit- it was amazing!

We hoped to go back soon, but it seems like we can't. Disney Channel has made the decision to keep their other stupid shows and cancel Girl Meets World. I want to save it, but not just for going to the set again. Girl Meets World is a very important show that covered lots of important issues. It is the only live-action show for kids that had a supporting character (Isadora Smackle) with Asperger's syndrome. It means way more to people than, say, Stuck In The Middle.

But there is hope, though. Netflix saved many shows, including Full[er] House and Gilmore Girls. I heard that Netflix is thinking of making a fourth season for Girl Meets World, and we need to let that happen. Here's three steps to send Netflix requests:

1- Click on Kendall's name.

2- Fill in the three suggestions with "Girl Meets World Season 4".

3- Confirm you aren't a robot.

4- Submit!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: The shortest-lived line from American Girl was a tie between American Girl Minis, Girls of Many Lands and Hopscotch Hill.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's your favorite show?

MY ANSWER: I only watch Girl Meets World and Miraculous.

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