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New American Girl DK Book Cover!

The cover for "Ultimate Sticker Collection: American Girl Dress-Up", another book in DK's American Girl license, has leaked! It has no Logan, sadly. But it does have Gabriela!

It's so pretty! I won't get it, though.

P.S: Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was trying to leak Logan, but I couldn't guess the code. Maybe I'll ask AG to give me a birthday present- a Tenney catalog or a Tenney book! AMELIA UPDATE: If you forgot, Amelia is the Just Like You #2 doll I'm getting for my birthday. She was last tracked in Indianapolis! COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: My dad's buying me one doll for my birthday and I'm buying another one with my Christmas money. Who are the two? CLUE FOR DOLL 1- She has hazel eyes and brown hair.

CLUE FOR DOLL 2- Chloe's American Girl Doll Channel recently got the same doll.

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