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Tenney- In The Key Of Friendship!


The second book cover from Tenney's series just leaked! It was spotted at a Meijer's shop, also known as a grocery store near the AG headquarters which is FAMOUS for letting AG books out early. That's a sign that the Barnes and Noble in Huntersville will get it in a hot second- woop! Hour drive after school tomorrow, Daddy! I know what I'm going to read for my reading homework! Tenney's first book and...

Tenney In The Key Of Friendship!

(Credit to the awesome @agdollflorida and Samantha Barker. Samantha Barker found this at her Mejier.)

I don't know why Jaya is on the cover, yet Logan is not? Maybe Logan will make a cameo on her third book cover. Or maybe Jaya will be produced sooner or later! I'm hoping for both!

I couldn't find the description for book 2, sadly. But, you never know- maybe the book will be in my hands tomorrow!

Also, @agdollflorida says that Tenney and Logan will be announced on Feb. 1!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: American Girl's only Indian doll was Sonali.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you could have any leak for free, only one, what would it be?

MY ANSWER: Logan's picture. The suspense is KILLING ME!

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