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Tenney Information Haul Part 1!

I got Tenney's Journal! Wooh!

Tenney's Journal was a diary format of Tenney and Tenney In The Key Of Friendship. Nice! I loved the journal and I can't wait to read her actual books, which will have more detail!

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Tenney is 12 and in sixth grade. Her full name is Tennyson Evangeline Grant. Tenney was named after Lord Tennyson, a poet.

Character List:

Jaya: Tenney's best friend who loves art. She is South Asian.

Aubrey: Tenney's older sister. She is a fan of Belle Starr.

Mason: Tenney's older brother.

Ray: Tenney's dad. He runs a band called the Tri-Stars.

Georgia: Tenney's mom. She runs a food truck.

Holliday Hayes: A rich mean girl stereotype.

Portia- A senior that Tenney has to work with for the school jamboree. Portia is actually Patty Burns, a country superstar.

Belle Starr: A country superstar who Tenney makes friends with in Tenney In The Key Of Friendship.

Ellie Cale: A woman who discovers Tenney.

Zane Cale: Tenney's manager.

Logan: A rock drummer who Zane also manages. The two work together a lot.

Plot Points: Tenney (I separated the journal by when I felt Book 1 would end)

-Tenney sees Belle Starr with her sister Aubrey

-The school's Jamboree is coming up, and Tenney wants to perform, but she's scared to

-Tenney is on the Jamboree Planning Committee with Jaya and Holliday, and they have to work with seniors at the senior center. Tenney has to work with a woman named Portia, who Tenney deems boring, especially when Jaya's partner is cool.

-The lead singer of the Tri-Stars, Jesse, doesn't show up at a gig, so Tenney performs for her

-While she is playing her guitar at the food truck, Ellie Cale discovers Tenney and lets her perform at a new artist showcase at the Bluebird Cafe.

-Tenney's parents think Tenney is too young to perform

-Tenney finds out that Portia plays guitar, and is more interested in her.

-Tenney's parents don't let Tenney perform

-Tenney goes to the Ryman Auditorium for a field trip, and is inspired to sign up to perform at the school jamboree

-Tenney learns that Portia stopped singing because she got a stroke, but she was once Patty Burns, one of Tenney's favorite artists.

-Mason takes Tenney to perform on the sidewalk

-Tenney and Mason get grounded because of the no performing rule

-Mom tells Tenney that she once almost had a record deal, but her producer wanted to change her image and told everyone in the music business that she wasn't good to work with, so she quit.


-Tenney's parents decide to let Tenney perform.

-Tenney writes a song about her mom to perform at the Bluebird Cafe.

-Holliday bullies Tenney and tells her that she'll mess up

-Tenney gets the aqua guitar as a performance gift

-Tenney messes up at the Bluebird and feels like she was foolish for wanting to perform so early in her life. It takes encouragement from Zane Cale, a record producer, to perform at the Jamboree.

-Tenney's jamboree performance goes viral, and Zane becomes Tenney's manager.

Spoilers end here.

Plot Points: Tenney In The Key Of Friendship (I separated the journal by when I felt Book 1 would end)

-Tenney passes by a drum musician (Logan) who doesn't even acknowledge her.

-A flood destroyed Jaya's cousin's school in Bangdalesh, and Tenney and Jaya want to help.

-Holliday wants to help with a fundraiser, but Tenney feels annoyed with her.

-Zane is trying to book Tenney at the Artist's Welcome Brunch for top record labels

-Tenney, Jaya and Holliday decide to sell used books at the school Spring Clean

-Logan and Tenney don't like each other and have really different styles of music, but their manager wants them to work together

-The Artist's Welcome Brunch and the Spring Clean have the same day/time, so Tenney feels torn


-Logan covers Tenney's song, and Tenney uses it to make a better version of her song. Logan and Tenney are on good terms now, and Tenney chooses the Artist's Brunch over the Spring Clean.

-Tenney feels like a third wheel because Jaya has been hanging out with Holliday so much

-Tenney and Logan have a great time at the Artist's Brunch, but they decide to be friends and solo acts. Tenney meets Belle Starr, and they become friends

-Tenney and Jaya get into a big fight because of Tenney's decision to go to the Artist's Brunch instead of the Spring Clean, to the point where Jaya sits with Holliday at lunch

-Tenney and Jaya make up when Holliday and Tenney work together to have a benefit concert for the school in Bangdalesh

-Belle Starr tells her followers about the benefit concert, where Tenney, Logan and Portia perform

-They raise enough money for Bangdalesh


-Tenney and Logan get signed to two different record deals!

Spoilers end here.

Got to go to school! Bye!

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